Dr Seuss CANCELLED Despite Long Career of Anti-Fascist Hitler Cartoons

Despite his history of anti-fascist propaganda, Dr Seuss has been cancelled for what many are claiming to be “racist cartoons” hidden within his beloved children’s stories.

We don’t know exactly which cartoons of his were deemed racist, and we are not going to spend the time reading Dr Seuss to find out why the Cat in the Hat was actually a racist cat who wears a hat, we just want these people to leave our childhoods alone.

Well, this could be why Dr Seuss was cancelled. Honestly, I missed this the first time I read it.

Did you know? Dr Seuss spent much of his time during WWII creating anti-fascist propaganda for the allies? We didn’t now either until he was cancelled by the woke patrol. 

It is not simply enough to be anti-fascist, now you have to be actively communist to avoid being cancelled. 


Now that Dr Seuss has been canceled, you may want to look into another great children’s book: