DOUBLE KARMA: Protester Hit By Car And Then Immediately Arrested

Instant Double Karma

Have you ever imagined what you would do if crazy violent radical leftists were blocking your roadway?  Have you ever cheered as you watched a video of someone mowing down vapid brainwashed liberals after they attempt to ridiculously block the road with zero reasoning?

Well today is the day that you can have your cake and eat it too.  A man was making a turn, attempting to avoid hitting protesters while 2 of the leftists thugs ran in front of his car.  He immediately tapped the breaks to avoid a collision, however his intervention of fate was futile.  The white SUV tapped a couple of the protesters knocking them to the ground. You can hear a man shouting for the driver of the vehicle to stay where he was, claiming he was in big trouble as the police arrived on the scene.

What did the police do?  Well they arrested the protesters who were blocking the street.  Later in the video you can hear the man ask why aren’t they arresting the driver.  The policemen’s response?  “It was a traffic accident, they were clocking the roadway.”