Donald Trump Won the Election On Election Night — Now Media Reinforces What the BBC Calls Textbook Election Fraud, Declare Joe Biden the Victor Anyway

Donald Trump won the election on election night, now, after many days of finding ballots, the media is claiming Joe Biden won the election. The BBC laid out the tell-tale signs of third world election fraud, reinforcing indicators that all point to US election meddling. 

If you don’t believe that massive voter fraud occurred during the 2020 presidential election, then look no further than the progressive state run media known as the BBC.

The BBC clearly lays out the tell-tale signs of election rigging. The article we will reference was written and intended for African audiences, as their elections are fraught with fraud, rigging and dishonesty. But, as we have seen, the US presidential election hits all of the tell-tale markings of election rigging.

As you can see, an unusual percentage of turnout is one of the key indicators of election rigging based on the BBC analysis. 

Turnout in key swing states reached levels never before seen in a US election.

The highly unusual turnout in swing states is enough for the BBC to claim election rigging. 

Another key indicator of election rigging is a large number of invalid ballots. When ballots from deceased voters appear, ballots from individuals who have moved out of a particular state or ballots appearing to arrive after Election Day has finished, the possibility of election rigging becomes much more likely.

Not only are invalid ballots used to boost the vote count of the preferred candidate, but invalid ballots are also used to suppress the voter turnout of the opponent, as they are intentionally discarded.

Another tell-tale sign of election rigging is when results of the vote count do not match observers tallies. 

As we have seen, election riggers in major swing states refused to allow observers into voting stations to ensure a fair vote. The many thousands of examples of this are clearly articulated by election observers all across the country. 

A delay in announcing the results is not irrefutable evidence of election rigging, but it surely does add gasoline to the fire as observers are barred from witnessing the votes tally, and ballots keep magically appearing in key swing states. 

If you would like to read the BBC article yourselves in full you can vie it here: