Donald Trump Immediately Shows Support For Police Upon Winning Election

The fight going on in the streets between the Black Lives Matter organization, police officers and everyone in between has had the nation on edge for quite a while. Most would probably argue that Donald Trump’s support for America’s police force combined with his views on National Security are a big reason the United States elected him in the first place.

Less than a week has passed since Trump was declared the winner of the election and he’s already gone out of his way to show his gratitude to the police force.

According to the New York Post, Trump recently called NYPD Sergeant Paul Tuozzolo’s widow, the day of his funeral, to offer his condolences. Tuozzolo was killed in the line of duty by an ex-con while reporting to a break-in call.

“I’m very sorry I cannot be there with you today. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time,” Trump told the grieving woman, according to a source.

A very long line of officers stood and watched Tuozzolo transported to his final resting place on Thursday. Throughout his campaign, Trump openly supported the police, specifically the NYPD. He went as far as mentioning them in his victory speech on Tuesday night.

“Law enforcement in New York City. They are here tonight. They are spectacular people,” he said. “Sometimes underappreciated, unfortunately — but we appreciate them.”

It’s nice to have a president that shows so much respect to those who put their lives on the line for the innocent every day.

Here’s a video of Tuozzolo’s funeral.

God speed.