Has The DNC Deployed Twitter Bots To Attack Hannity’s Story On Seth Rich?

More DNC Dirty Tricks?

A twitter account named Boca Vista came across a very curious discovery.  The video recently posted in his twitter timeline, in my opinion, pretty much proves all of the ‘twitter-bot’ skeptics wrong.

The video shows a scroll-through of hundreds, if not thousands of what appears to be automated tweets deployed by the Democratic National Committee. Each tweet contains the exact same story with the exact same comment. “Fox news staffers disgusted at network’s promotion of Seth Rich conspiracy theory.”


A quick search on twitter produces and endless list of tweets by automated / bot accounts, which have tweeted the same story over and over and over again with parroted comments.  Most of the accounts are newly created accounts with only that one tweet on the timeline.

Here are some of the examples the video shows: