Dishonest MTV — Nicholas Fuentes Deradicalized The Alt-Right!

Nicholas Fuentes, who hosts a talk show on YouTube called America First was featured in an upcoming MTV New documentary highlighting racism in America.  The most glaring flaw in this stretch by MTV is that Fuentes has actually been on the front lines of ‘deradicalizing’ people for many years, successfully saving thousands of lives from radical violence. 

Fuentes is a 21 year-old Boston University dropout who saw a problem in America that needed to be fixed – the radicalization of young white men, due to an overwhelming abundance of propaganda coming out of Hollywood and Mainstream Media outlets.

Young, disenfranchised white men looking for answers to ever changing American demographics and an increasingly hostile culture, were finding themselves becoming part of dangerous movements and groups until Nicholas Fuentes started to address their concerns head-on through articulate, oratorical analysis of current day events.

Thorough, calm and persuasive, Nicholas Fuentes provides a perspective unlike anything that had ever been seen in American political discourse before.


Fuentes a devout Catholic, has preached the word of God and advocated for the moral code of Christianity to permeate throughout his message. His rhetoric has succeeded in showing those on a dark path that there is in fact a better way through Christ our lord and savior, which has resulted in many thousands of men to begin their deradicalization process.  

For more information on Nicholas Fuentes, tune into America First with Nicholas J Fuentes Mon through Fri on YouTube.


In order to spin a false narrative, MTV News does what every other mainstream media outlet does – cherry-pick.  In the caption of the MTV  preview of the upcoming documentary on “hate,” they mention ‘attacks on racial minorities’ and link this in with Nick Fuentes and the America First movement.

The problem is that according to Bureau of Justice statistics, white attacks on minorities almost never occurs.  Black attacks on whites and Jews however, occurs almost every day.


According to a recent report by the Bureau of Justice, there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations between blacks and whites last year. Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90 percent, and whites committed less than 10 percent. Attacks on whites by blacks is not a new phenomenon, the Bureau of Justice data mentioned  from last year is consistent with recent years, so why haven’t we heard anything from our beloved media talking heads about these attacks?

Since 2012 there have been approximately 500,000 black on white interracial violent crimes including rape. But the media has somehow successfully gaslit White Americans into believing that the opposite is happening, and that they are the ones that need to work on ‘racial healing.’

Considering the fact that 90% of interracial violent attacks are blk on wht, this is yet another perfect example of cherry picking the smallest example to gas light an audience.

It’s also important to note that 61% of republicans believe that the dominant majority becoming a minority is a bad thing Don’t let them fool you into believing this is a fringe opinion – even non-whites understand this, and media pundits know this, just look at where they live – white neighborhoods.

Apparently, MTV News also lied about the date on their video.  The original interview for their preview occurred almost three years ago in February 2018, their tweet claims it occurred in 2019.