DISGUSTING! Cosmopolitan Caught In Their Worst Lie Yet


This may be the last nail in the coffin for the Cosmopolitan and I don’t feel bad.  As you may know, the Cosmopolitan has been caught in several fake news debacles in the past few years, but this one ‘takes the cake’ for sure.  This is an eleven on the cringeworthy scale of one to ten.

Harjinder Kukreja, a Sikh cab driver posted a photo of himself beside his personal vehicle, offering free cab rides to families and victims of yesterday’s dreadful Islamic attack at the Manchester area.  Within minutes, a daft writer from the magazine reached out to Kukreja asking him if they can ‘use his photo for their paper,’ he agreed.

Kukreja wasn’t aware that the Cosmo writer had nefarious intentions to use his pictures to push a fake news narrative we have seen far too much.

The writer for Cosmo magazine changed the word ‘Sikh’ to ‘Muslim,’ in her tweet and story.  Almost immediately, twitter users from all walks of life noticed the poor attempt by the islamo-apologist writer, and Twitter-chaos ensued.  Jack Posobiec was one of the first to notice the blunder.

Some users even reached out to verified Sikh community accounts and made them aware of the situation. Kukreja himself noticed the racist virtue signal attempt this morning, and shot back at the Cosmo.  It appears the Cosmo has deleted the tweet and the story. Talk about FAKE NEWS!

As if they weren’t paying any attention to the media, or real life for that matter, The Daily Mirror publication in the UK tweeted out the almost exact same story, with almost identical tweets.  There is a real strong narrative attempting to be pushed here by news outlets in the UK, and it wreaks of dangerous political correctness. The same political correctness that if eradicated, would in turn help to avoid these Islamic attacks in the first place.