Disfigured Ex-Muslim Tells America To “Stand Up Against Islam”

With the attacks recently in Brussels, Munich, Sweden and now the most recent attack in London, people are beginning to become on high alert to the real threats that not only face America but the entire world.  The threat is terrorism. The cause is radical Islam.

Even with the clear ideologically driven attack in London, some people still aren’t waking up to the fact that its not just the “extremists” or the “terrorists,” that believe in things like death for apostasy, suicide bombings or the oppression of women. No. It’s the ones the left likes to call “moderates.” An extensive study by the largest research organization in the world, Pew Research, showed us that as high as 1 in 4 British Muslims believe these things are ‘acceptable.’ They also showed us that as high as 1 in 5 American Muslims believe that sharia law should be the law of the land over the constitution.

Still people are sleeping.  The masses are either brainwashed to a standstill, or afraid to come out and speak frankly on how they really feel about the problems pertaining to the 6th century ideology called Islam.  People wonder why even the non-religious Muslims aren’t coming out and standing up against the problems that are occurring and the answer is, there are some examples of this.  Very few, but some.

One example is this man.  From his hospital bed, he tells his story after an alleged acid attack, which is very common in Muslim majority countries, but more common among women victims.  He warns America about the globalization and islamization that is planned for western countries and societies.  He tells Americans to “stand up,” and speak out about the atrocities “before it’s too late.”  Take a listen…