DEVELOPING: Wide-scale Twitter Hack Compromises Politicians & Celebrities — Notorious Hacker ‘WEEV’ to Blame?

Social media powerhouse Twitter has been hacked in a large-scale attempt to syphon the popular crypto-currency Bitcoin from the followers of prominent politicians, celebrities and influencers.

Twitter briefly revoked the ability to tweet from verified accounts while they made attempts to bring the security incident under control.

While journalists and Twitter developers scramble to uncover the source of the compromise, it would appear the Bitcoin account allegedly tied to the notorious hacker ‘WEEV’ had donated $0.09 to the wallet associated with the hack.

While it is up for speculation, WEEV has been associated with numerous incidents of trolling in the form of hacking and while we have little evidence to suggest he might be behind the incident, the associated account’s donation would lead us to believe he is at the very least aware of the compromise.