DESTROYED: Don Lemon Just Got Dealt The Harsh Truth About Sweden

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Put A Halt To Lemon’s Fake News Dealing

Horowitz spoke to Lemon regarding Trump’s recent Sweden statement that was referring to Horowitz’s segment on Fox regarding to a documentary he made in Sweden showing the chaos and rampant crime caused by the overflowing influx of migrants.

Don Lemon weakly attempted to quote false state department numbers and Horowitz quickly corrected Lemon.  Horowitz swiftly and correctly refered to the most accurate statistics ,which were the Swedish BRA numbers. 

“You have the BRA numbers in front of you? Can I see them?” Horowitz said …Lmeon quickly shuffles them to the side. This is exactly why people call CNN fake news and why they soon will go under with any luck, and some James O’Keefe magic.

Relevantly another  Swedish police officer that was not in Horowitz’s film cemented the BRA statistics.  He went on a rant on his Facebook page earlier this month and was reportedly reprimanded for this rant and the post was deleted, which the officer claims by Facebook.


2017.02.07 - Sweden 1_0

There is a reason why CNN shows and hosts don’t even come close in ratings to the likes of Tucker and some of the other veteran Fox crew.  Because viewers are more likely to receive the truth on other the Fox network than they are on CNN.  With the increase in technology and the internet, the public can more readily access true facts and fact check for themselves and then determine what is true and what is false.  More than not, CNN likes to either skew facts or just completely broadcast complete untruths.