Dershowitz: “I Wouldn’t Have Campaigned For Obama If I Saw Farrakhan Photo”

“Louis Farrakhan is a virulent anti-Semite,” Dershowitz told “Fox & Friends.”

Harvard Law Professor and longtime Democrat Alan Dershowitz said he would not have campaigned for then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) if he knew about the future president’s photo op with Louis Farrakhan.

Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, is a “virulent anti-Semite and anti-American,” Dershowitz said on “Fox & Friends.”

“He’s called Judaism a gutter religion. He’s anti-American. He is a horrible, horrible human being. And, if I had known that the president had posed smilingly with him when he was a senator, I would not have campaigned for Barack Obama. It would have influenced my decision. Look, I threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison were elected as chairman because of his association with Farrakhan.” (RELATED: Dershowitz: Mueller Has A ‘Credibility Problem’ [VIDEO])

He continued, “You don’t associate with a bigot. You don’t associate with an anti-Semite. There should be zero tolerance for that kind of bigotry. And if Barack Obama associated with him, if the Black Caucus invited him, that’s–I don’t blame them for trying to suppress the truth–because that’s a really horrible truth. We should have nobody in public office associating with a bigot like the Reverend Farrakhan.”