Democrats Propose Trump’s ‘Wait in Mexico’ Policy to Fix the Border Crisis

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives from Texas sent a letter to the Biden administration this past week warning about the crisis with unaccompanied children.

“What we need is to have a plan in place that doesn’t incentivize people to make this very dangerous trip through Mexico, being held hostage by these cartels,” said Rep. Gonzalez on CNN on Sunday.

Gonzalez made the case that the United States should focus on helping migrants at the source of the problem. “Help them in Guatemala, help them in southern Mexico, process them. And if they qualify for asylum, put them on a plane and fly them in.”

The policy that Gonzalez is proposing is a policy that was put into place under the Trump administration but abruptly ended by Joe Biden when he took office.  That policy was the “wait in Mexico” Policy.

According to John Modlin, the Interim Chief Border Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol’s Tucson sector, illegal immigration into the U.S. is on pace to surpass the figures of the last three years due to the Zerg Rush currently taking place at the southern border.

“So right now, we’re about a hundred percent over where we were this time this last fiscal year,” Modlin said to independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

“We’ve already surpassed in the first four months of this fiscal year; we’ve already surpassed all of 2018. If the flow continues at the rate it is here, by the end of this fiscal year, we will have surpassed ’18, ’19, and ’20, all combined.”

Jack Phillips of the Epoch Times observed that Modlin said the increase “can be blamed on the reversal by the Biden administration of President Donald Trump’s immigration orders, including halting construction of the border wall, ending Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, and others.”

“At the end of 2018, 2,000 immigrants a day were being intercepted at the Southern border, prompting security concerns and a humanitarian crisis. In early 2019, the Trump administration invoked ‘Migrant Protection Protocols’ [Remain in Mexico], forcing those seeking asylum to wait in Mexico,” he stated.

“Then, in 2020, ‘Title 42’—an emergency health order—let border officials immediately turn back illegal immigrants because of COVID-19.”

Modlin believes that those orders were key in stopping mass migration. As of May 2020, around 90% of illegal aliens apprehended within the Southwest border were kicked out of the country.

“The number intercepted dropped from about a million in 2019, to roughly half that in 2020,” he commented.

From CIS:

“A mass-migration surge along the U.S. southern border has so overwhelmed Mexican cartel-associated smugglers that they are requiring their customers to wear numbered, colored, and labeled wristbands to denote payment and help them manage their swelling human inventory.

Photos and video of the cartel wristbands, provided to the Center for Immigration Studies by Tripwires and Triggers website owner Jaeson Jones, show that migrants discard the wristbands once they have reached the Texas side of the Rio Grande. The discarded bands are especially prevalent in Starr County in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley sector.

A CBP official confirmed to CIS that Border Patrol agents have been finding the discarded wristbands for nearly two months, coinciding with a migrant surge spawned by President Joe Biden’s promises to open the border to all illegal immigrants once he took office.”