Democrats Attack “My Pillow” Over Calls for Prayer

Inventor and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, dedicated his My Pillow factories to production of N95 medical masks to supply the much needed commodity to hospitals across the United States of America.

Due to his efforts, Mike Lindell was invited to the COVID-19 press briefing to speak. After Mike suggested Americans could use the lockdown as an opportunity for prayer, Democrats exploded in outrage.

Mike Lindell dedicated his factories to the production of much needed medical supplies during an American national health emergency. The fast response was met with applause by most Americans, but not Democrats. The mere suggestion that Americans could use this time for prayer sent them into a frenzy.

For those of you who don’t know, Mike Lindell was severely addicted to drugs before finding God and founding the greatest pillow company in the country. This is the sort of rags to riches story most Americans grow up hearing, and is only possible in America. Mike Lindell, through his generosity, is an exemplary American and his thoughtful leadership through an American national emergency should be praised and replicated.

Mike Lindell has been a target of the left due to his strong Christian faith, but that has not slowed Mike down one bit. Mike Lindell even had a cameo in the box office hit UNPLANNED where he appears to take a bulldozer to a closed Planned Parenthood.


To learn more about the MyPillow guy (Mike Lindell) please watch this video below.