Democrat Infighting: Are Latinos Getting Sick of Black Lives Matter?

We are told that demographics is destiny.

Indeed, as America becomes less white, the Republican Party’s chances of winning will become jeopardized.

This is an undeniable fact.

However, there are several caveats to the browning of America.

The recent Black Lives Matter insanity has shown that certain members of the Democrats’ so-called “Rainbow Coalition” are not exactly down with the excessive praise of dysfunctional blacks. Just look at Latinos.

According to CNN exit polls of Latino voters, 58% of Latinos who voted for Donald Trump had unfavorable views of Black Lives Matter. Of all the Latino voters polled, only 49% had favorable views of Black Lives Matter, while 47% percent had unfavorable views of the group. Not all is stable in the Democrat coalition.

For years, Republicans have courted Latinos in the cringiest of ways. One can only remember the vomit inducing manner that Republican leader such as George W. Bush would try to woo Hispanics. From speaking in Spanish to promising mass amnesty, Republicans were led to believe that by groveling to Hispanics they would be able to win over that demographic.

Not so.

Trump did make gains with Hispanics in areas like Miami-Dade and border towns in Texas. But not for the reasons that Con Inc. blowhards would like people to believe. Trump’s strong law and order message along with his tough policies on immigration appeals to many Hispanics that don’t care for ethnic politics or the Democrats’ woke message.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. We still need to shutdown immigration. Continued migration the U.S. will cause socio-economic instability and potentially provide Democrats a permanent majority. An immigration moratorium at least gives America time to digest these waves of migrants, protect American workers, and allow Latinos to gradually assimilate the same way their ethnic Catholic predecessors did in the 20th century. The key is that the U.S. implements a moratorium just like it did in the 1920s.

For the integrity of our Republic, we must start getting serious about race and immigration discussions in American. We can no longer afford to ignore such vital questions and pretend they don’t exist. If America is to continue to exist as a stable polity, its white majority must stay intact no matter what.