DELUSIONAL CONSPIRACY: MSNBC Says “Putin And Trump Orchestrated The Syria Attack”

When All Else Fails, Blame Russia!

Lawrence O’Donnell appeared on Rachel Maddow this week to express what he thinks is really going on with the strikes on Syria.  O’Donnell claims that Vladimir Putin ordered Assad to launch the chemical attack on his own people so that President Trump would respond with a strike.  O’Donnell claims that this response by President Trump was all planned out from A to Z in collusion with Putin, so that the media would stop talking about Trump and Russia alleged “ties.”

Here is Lawrence O’Donnell doubling down on his conspiracy theory.  This is worse than the whole “Trump is a Russian agent,” theory by the left.  This conspiracy theory is literally implying that even Trump knew that Assad would launch the gas attack, insinuating that Trump, Assad and Putin all colluded on this whole masterminded plan.  This is why the democrats lost the election.  This idiotic insanity is the reason why liberalism is a mental disorder.