Delta Says Passengers Can’t Sing Anthem Even Though A Fallen Soldier’s Casket Was On Board Flight


On a recent Delta flight, passengers were made aware that a casket of a fallen soldier was on board and they were told to remain seated until the casket was taken off the plane after the flight.

A Woman named Pamela Goudry who aboard the flight had a very patriotic idea come to mind.  She wanted to sing the National Anthem while the deceased soldier and his friend we leaving the plane.

She went from passenger to passenger asking if they would join as the heroes disembarked the flight. Most said yes but some said they weren’t comfortable with it.  Word got to the flight attendants that Goudry had the plan to start singing the anthem and flight attendants quickly put a stop to it.  According to Goudry, one unknown attendant told her that it is ‘against company policy’ to sing the anthem and that ‘some people from other countries might get offended.’

Goudry in the end refrained from kicking off the anthem as the casket was leaving in fear of being reprimanded by the airlines and/or security.

Her strong message after this occurrence has gone viral and you need to hear it…

A complete lack of courage on my part…As God as my witness, I promise that it will not happen again.God bless this great country. We need it desperately Please share…..

Posted by Pamela Dee Gaudry on Saturday, October 14, 2017