Debate Nick Fuentes or SHUT UP!

Over the past two weeks, rising Conservative star Nichols J Fuentes has been on the receiving end of an endless barrage of slanderous attacks from both so-called “Conservatives” and progressive left wingers alike. Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Sebastian Gorka, Jared Holt and the list goes on… There is only one thing all off these people have in common. They are all afraid to debate Nicholas J Fuentes.

Nicholas Fuentes: “For the record, I will debate any one of these gatekeeping establishment losers who have tried to smear me this weekend. None have engaged me directly yet and I predict that nobody will even try. I would humiliate & embarrass any of their people easily and they know that.”

Sebastian Gorka says on Twitter: “How is Holocaust denier @nickjfuentes still on Twitter and VERIFIED??” Gorka would rather see Fuentes de-verified by Twitter, than debate Fuentes on his beliefs. 

Matt Walsh of the Daily Caller says: “Also funny to have Fuentes call me a “f*ggot” and “p*ssy” when he’s a frail weakling who does nothing but shout about Jews on YouTube.” Again, rather than challenge Nicholas Fuentes on his beliefs, Walsh resorts to slanderous attacks and name calling.

Walsh, promoting Left Wing Character Assassin Jared Holt, continues on saying: “I am quite proud to be attacked by a stupid cowardly bigot like  Nicholas Fuentes He and his ilk are parasites whose only achievement is the fomentation of racial hatred and the encouragement of mass murder.”

Once again, Debate Fuentes or SHUT UP!

Charlie Kirk at one of his #CultureWars campus speeches, brought out a television where he attempted to delegitimize Fuentes by playing a clip of him at the age of 17 where he presented a cautious criticism of a possible President Trump candidacy. Soon after that clip was released in 2015, while Fuentes was knocking on doors and campaigning for the Trump presidential bid, Kirk and his ilk were anti-Trumpers cheerleading for Marco Rubio. Again, Debate Nicholas Fuentes or SHUT UP!

None of these so-called Conservative thought leaders have what it takes to debate Nick and they know it. This is why they resort to name calling, slander and calls for censorship. They rely on left wing tactics to destroy their opponent, rather than holding true to their own words and exchanging debate within the “marketplace” of ideas.