Dancing TikTok Nurse Died — Suspected COVID-19

A healthcare worker who went viral dancing on TikTok with one of her patients was found dead in her home on May 7. Jeanette McKenna, 53, recently passed away from what her co-workers claim to be the COVID-19. McKenna was recently seen dancing with a 102-year-old patient in a viral TikTok video.

Coincidentally, the original video was taken down by TikTok user @leannewilson123465, due to a breach of patient confidentiality. As we had previously reported, TikTok Nurses Could Be in Violation of Federal Privacy Laws (HIPAA)

Not only are nurses and Doctors exhibiting reckless behavior while dancing and singing inside of hospitals with sick patients during a pandemic, but they are uploading these videos to a Chinese social media app that has already been banned from numerous government agencies due to malicious data collection by the Chinese communist government.