Dallas and the Soviet Antifa Confederacy

Antifa Screwed Up This Time

So, first off, 2 sentences about the eclipse, it has caused Dallas to drop 20 degrees in temperature and we got these cool little crescent shapes in the shade of every tree. These cost nothing to view, and are therefore an infinitely better deal than buying those glasses which are now going next to your useless fidget spinner and if you went on a roadtrip, well, enjoy the drive home with your dredlocks out the window burning gas like the faux hippy you are. Also enjoy burning man, hippie.

Another thing in Dallas that got missed over the weekend was the March Against Racism. Don’t worry, there’s a great video from it, I cut to the best part 2:15. The man in the cowboy hat stood between the Antifa and a Confederate statue and is demanding the antifa take their masks off:

Note how at about 2:20 the antifa mask wearer puts the bullhorn in the black guys face and starts blaring the police siren.

The march against racism. For those of you who are not familiar with the sort of insane politicized terminology and background information that must now be projected onto every action, this event is offensive for the following reasons:

  1. The siren is directly in the other persons face with the volume on full blast. Jerk Move.
  2. The bullhorn is making a police siren. In a world where the police violence involving Afro-Caribbean citizens has a racial slant to it, the term applied here is dogwhistle. That means that the racism is not overt, but rather implied. Like the old newspaper articles about Jackie Robinson praising his “child like glee on the field” and “single minded focus on baseball” that sound like praise but have obviously racist undertones.
  3. It’s two or three guys with hoods and masks confronting a black guy at night. Remember the whole message here is the making minorities uncomfortable, and herein a perfect hearkening back, hooded masked goons are harassing anyone with a different opinion.
  4. As a white male, I unfortunately cannot tell if the man with the bullhorn is white or hispanic, and without accurate forensic skull measurements of the maxillofacial arch, I can’t tell. It could just be a very tan anglo neckbeard. Maybe he’s just having a bad day and has a cold but wanted to go to the protest anyway and won’t remove the mask because he doesn’t want anyone to get a cold. Flu season is right around the corner, and this could be the case but the odds are bad.
  5. Everybody is thinking it and nobody is saying it: that cowboy hat is way oversized. Because everything is bigger in Texas.


This event is right next to the city hall, near which there is a very old graveyard which has a monument to the people who died fighting in the Confederate Army. And now imagine you are sitting at home eating cheetos and a bang at the door interrupts your Netflix. A little green man with a spaceship announces you are being Conscripted to the Galactic Rebel Alliance against Gleebap the Magnificient. You either enlist immediately or are executed via ray-gun. The war ends, Gleebap wins, and 100 years from now your name will be on a list of traitor cowards forever. Now you understand why at least some people fighting had zero concern other than their own survival in the tragedy that fighting of any kind represents. (Texas actually had a showdown with the Confederate Government over states rights when Pendleton Murrah allowed conscription only on the grounds that enough militia remained at home to defend against Plains Indians and Mexico, look it up.)

The Confederate Flag is also now responsible for destruction of French, Spanish, Mexican and U.S. History.  The Historic Amusement Park in Texas, Six Flags, which had its super awesome and rickety Texas Giant ruined by safety just because another person fell out and died, has now vanilla steam rolled the name by removing EVERY SINGLE FLAG and replacing them with the U.S. Flag.

Obviously, the move has less to do with any concern for peoples feelings, and more to do with the fact that because the name inherently references the French, Spanish, Mexican, Texian, Confederate, United States ownership of Texas Territory, it makes marketing hard and awkward in any State not Texas. Some marketing consultant in the back room has been demanding this change for years, and now, thanks to the convenient climate, they can rebrand the company into a much more marketable image. People are making money off of the social justice movement, because Capitalism can co-opt anything.


Look at the Antifa movement. Like Occupy, they demanded to be a leaderless conglomeration, which ignores the fact that literally every movement has a leader. Despite a huge amount of people gathering for a good cause, any mob will include radical elements like the fellow with the bullhorn, who despite the anti-racist message of the gathering, decides instead to walk himself to the Confederate Monument and despite his claim of being there to protest racism, has no problem shoving a bullhorn in the face of a man with different skin color and drowning him out with a toneless drone. That’s basically all the Antifa movement wants to do, replace all individuality with a toneless drone. Because that’s what they want you to be too, a toneless drone.

Here’s a fun image from the past. It is a KPD rally. Note the Double Flag Icon flanked on either side by the hammer and sickle.

The German Communist Party, ladies and Gentleman. No Atomic Blonde here, just a free trip to Siberia. Or Venezuela, where the conversion rate means that 20,580 Venezuelan Bolivars are worth 2009 USD. By comparison, a new set of Monopoly Money on Ebay,  20,580 Monopoly Bucks retail for about $12.80, meaning as of this date the Venezuelan Bolivar is only worth 156 Monopoly dollars. This is not funny, Communism in Venezuela has people eating out of Trash cans. The reason commies want to eliminate history is because Communism works about like a dumpster fire. What’s that? Real dumpster fires have never been tried before?


Can we and all nations not live in peace? In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war? (Reagan To the UN General Assembly September 21 1987)

Make no mistake, in a class warfare scenario, the aliens are anyone who make substantially more and substantially less. Communism draws its identity in an eclipse any other ideology. This is why every country communism is tried is accompanied by destruction of history, and particularly religious leaders and educators because every religion on some level acknowledges that the human heart is full of evil from birth.

And Dallas has a history of evil. Not just because it’s where General Edwin Walker was shot at and then six months later that same shooter blew the back off John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s head, but because the White Citizens Council (yup, actual name) renamed a bunch of parks and built statues to make minorities uncomfortable in public. Down at the Old Red Courthouse, there’s even a waterfountain with “Whites Only” still on it, BECAUSE REMOVING THE PAST ALLOWS PEOPLE THE CONVENIENCE OF FORGETTING.

The removal of statues is the sort of cosmetic removal that people want. Sure, it feels okay at the time, like a sugar rush, but where is a real change? There used to be a burgeoning black community called The Cedars, and the White Citizens Council dropped a giant highway right in the middle of it with no exits or onramps, applying a giant tourniquet to a neighborhood that was doing just fine without any ‘help.’ It intersects the RL Thornton(KKK member) freeway and people, rather than wanting to remove the highway that literally destroyed an entire community, desire to rename roads and remove monuments. Unlike the name of a road, the overpass actually did something. So since nobody wants to do anything other than rename and remove cosmetic monuments, I propose a museum to go underneath the overpass.  Dallas needs a Museum of Racism.

Not just KKK memorabilia, let us include information on international differences in culture leading to violence in Rwanda, Indian Caste issues, China vs Tibet, Korea vs Japan, Liberia where a country rich in resources has maybe 2o00 happy people in it(source: a guy from Liberia I talked to at church this morning), the Saudi embargo on Israel, the slave trade in Africa from its earliest inception to present day, and the absolute unfair reputation and stereotype that Canada applies to Newfoundlanders(Newfies).

The gift shop will be awesome.

And at the entrance for a nominal fee you can buy all the eggs to throw you want. You can scream until you are red in the face, and notice that filling yourself with hate, even towards a thing that is bad, does nothing. Until that hate is replaced by love no solution is possible.

The masked fellow at the top of the video is not motivated by hate, he wants to improve the world in his own special way. As a communist, that includes killing people, and we can’t hate an idea into extinction.

Hate drives mobs, and causes radical elements in their attempt to hate an idea into extinction with violence. Perhaps this is why in the Bible, Jesus fled the mob when they wanted to make him king, because mob Justice has no love, and it is full of elements like the fellow in the video above, whose idea of improving the world and getting their way involves lovingly bringing about the extinction of an idea they don’t like with violence. Drowning everyone out with a bullhorn of oppression.


PS: I was asked to address BAMN in this article, the By Any Means Necessary movement. I asked a friend who is an engineer, “Hey, what is the fastest way to achieve world peace?” and he thought for about six seconds and said, “Well I suppose the fastest way would be to kill every human being alive.” Case closed.