(D) Screams, News Screams, They All Scream About Ice Cream

Mainstream Mass Media’s Ice Cream Meltdown

The Left has had some pretty immature meltdowns since Donald Trump took office. MLK’s bust that was “removed” but wasn’t. KellyAnne’s feet on the couch. Ivanka’s shoe company. Not to mention the mantra of “Russia, Russia, Russia” that is the bed to their current soundtrack. But their latest meltdown may take the cake. Or more correctly, the ice cream.

Time magazine recently interviewed President Trump, discussing a wide range of topics – Syria, the health care bill, North Korea, China negotiations, relations with foreign leaders, and many more substantive issues.

You might not have heard about this newsworthy interview because, when the rest of the media picked up the story, they only seemed interested in a small part of the report where the reporter talked about the dinner and tour of the White House which the reporter attended.

Resistance Is Crucial

Apparently, as the Left has been screaming about all week, the president got two scoops of ice cream while others were served merely one. Yes, I am serious. Why are you laughing?

Let me summarize their outrage:

Stop the presses! Bring out the tar and feathers! The outrage! The gall of this dairy product dictator in the White House! If only that were his lone infraction, but apparently he was also given Diet Coke while others were served water, he alone was given an extra cup of sauce for his meat, and he was served (can you believe the nerve?) Thousand Island dressing instead of the Creamy Vinaigrette served to guests! If somebody doesn’t stop this dining despot, this foodie fascist, this noshing Nazi, he will take away all of our second scoops of ice cream! Resist!

Oh, by the way, Vice President Pence was served a fruit cup instead of ice cream. How messed up is that?

Mommy Dearest Messed Up Meltdown

To recap, president of U.S. gives major interview on multiple topics vital to regular Americans and the major news media reports on the ‘Mommy Dearest in Chief’ who is controlling the intake of frozen treats with an iron fist. This is, sadly and unbelievably, the media week in review. It could have been written up in your average second grade newspaper, The Playground Times and would have actually made more sense.

Frozen Iron Fist

Humorously, they wonder why the American people don’t trust the media anymore, myopically oblivious to the fact that they themselves are worse and more childish than Congress, though that hardly seems possible.

Of course, even when the media is operating barely above a 1st Grade level, they still don’t do a very good job. If what you planned to do is an inside scoop (pardon the ice cream pun) on the dessert serving practices of the White House, did it dawn on you to ask for a second scoop, or a Diet Coke, or extra sauce, or a different dressing, or for crissakes a freaking fruit cup, if you wanted it? Wouldn’t that be much more accurate investigative “reporting?” Or I don’t know, the actually sane response to being served fine cuisine like an adult? “Ask and ye shall receive” is what they say. However, if you actually act like an adult and not a slighted toddler, then you can’t whine to the grown ups about how you didn’t get as much ice cream as the other children. That would spoil their whole big pity party.

Trump Has 2 Scoops

Public Pity Party Per Press

Here’s the problem. The media is supposed to be informing the American people about the vital news of the day. They should be apprising us about the substantive actions of the government and keeping us up to date on current events. They have stopped doing these things to put their fingers in their ears and stomp their feet. It would be cute if it weren’t so dangerous. The lack of information the general public now gets, combined with the constant flood of #FakeNews, is leaving the people to piece the truth together like collecting Monopoly tickets at McD’s. It’s really hard to get all of the pieces.

If it wasn’t for the president tweeting directly to the public, we’d all probably have no idea whatsoever of what was actually going on in this administration. That may be sad news for all the Trump doubters who “just want Trump to stop tweeting.” It’s never gonna happen, kiddos.

Marring Mainstream Media Monopoly

As long as the mass media are more interested in frozen treats than foreign policy, in beverage choices than budget choices, and in salad dressing than addressing relevant issues, then the American people are going to keep ignoring the news. And keep listening to the president directly via social media, especially tweets.

Or getting their news from grassroots, non-mainstream news sources like the one you are reading right now. You are obviously a savvy news consumer. Good job.

Now go reward yourself with some ice cream, and yes, make it #2Scoops!