Cruise Ships Turn Away Unvaccinated from Life Boats After Historic Volcanic Eruption Threatens Thousands of Lives

Cruise ships are reportedly turning away unvaccinated individuals from safety after an historic volcanic eruption on the IslandĀ of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has left residents fleeing their homes in hopes to save their lives.

What they are basically telling you here is: If you are not vaccinated, die.

70% of St Vincent is black with another 15% being of mixed descent. BLM where is your outrage?

Sending the unvaccinated away from lifeboats on an erupting volcanic island is like sending the poor away from the lifeboats on the titanic, but instead of drowning in a freezing ocean, those who remain could choke on a blizzard of ash and burn to death in a river of lava.

They are saying that your life does not matter unless you take the unregulated injection of mRNA fluids for a virus that has a survival rate of 99.9%

Any unvaccinated who do attempt to save their lives, will be dealt with accordingly.