CPAC: Closed to Conservatives — Open to Far-Left Radicals

This years Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was host to some of Americas most prolific radical left wing mud slingers, while barring entry to America First Conservatives, INFOWARS reporters and a whole host of other REAL conservative voices.

Left-Wing radical Jared Holt, who specializes in slanderous hit piece Journalism for the far left publication “Right Wing Watch” was seen scouring the halls of CPAC, snapping photos and smearing individuals who he deems as too far-right for CPAC.

It is important to remember that Right Wing Watch is directly funded by George Soros’ PFAW

While Gavin McInnes was kicked out of CPAC for merely being a Free Speech activist, Neo-Conservatives rely on Jared Holt to smear him as “fringe” as justification for their decision to ban him from the conference.

Alex Jones of INFOWARS was given a warm welcome by everybody other than the Neo-cons

Meanwhile, Neo-con Sebastian Gorka continues to slander Jones and INFOWARS as they are barred from the event.

Prolific conservative journalist Patrick Howley was also kicked out of CPAC for debating the unethical nature of “red flag” gun confiscation laws.

Howley, who writes for NATIONALFILE was removed from the event for wanting less gun control.

Will Sommer, who writes for the left leaning publication DailyBeast, was seen scanning the halls of CPAC with Jared Holt, tweeting out photos of regular attendees, labeling them as people who believe in a “conspiracy theory”

While neo-conservatives advocate for the censorship of REAL American conservatives, they rely on the likes of left wing slander jockeys to provide justification for their decisions to ban them from the event.