A Patriot You Should Know: Joshua Glaspie – Country Boy, City Patriot, True Blue American

It takes a hardcore patriot to stand against the Left in the “hometown” of Obama.  Joshua Glaspie, founder of Patriots for America USA, is that kind of hardcore patriot, and he is a patriot you should know.

Born in Jackson, MI, and raised in Grasslake, Josh grew up in the country. Like a Kid Rock song, his childhood playground was the rolling farmland of the Midwest. Dirt bikes, tree forts, 4-wheeling, fishing and hunting, just all a part of growing up rural. Raised in a big mixed family, with a hard working blue collar father, Josh grew up steeped in the American dream: Work hard, play harder, serve your country and be the best you can be.

Good ole country living. Josh was raised in Michigan farm country.

Like many a young man in small towns, Josh’s teen years were spent working hard at his job, and getting into as much trouble as one can find in the country. He washed dishes and learned to cook at a local Irish pub. Upon reaching adulthood, Josh put away the wild times of youth and joined the Army. Nothing straightens out a young man like boot camp, and that was true for Josh.

In the Army, Josh applied his love for cooking to his love of country. Trained as an Army cook, Josh’s culinary skills stood out and he was assigned to cook at the Joint Force Headquarters in Lansing, where he was the first Private in history to serve as a cook there. He prepared meals for officers and generals, and when his 3 years of service were up, Josh re-enlisted and continued to serve his country, quite literally.

After leaving the Army, Josh turned full force to cooking. He moved to Chicago to attend the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. While finishing his training, Josh worked 50-60 hour weeks in local restaurants, while attending 20 or more hours of classes. After graduation, Josh was promoted to sous chef and worked in a few well known Chicago kitchens before eventually finding himself promoted to Executive Chef at Pete Miller’s Steak House in Wheeling.

With 16 years in the restaurant business, Josh watched for years as the illegal workforce invaded the food industry. He saw the difficulty that managers and business owners have in avoiding hiring illegal labor. With document fraud rampant among illegals, Josh explains how hard it is to hire without a way to verify citizenship. Kitchen staff with all the “proper documents” were actually illegal, a fact Josh often learned only by overhearing them bragging about beating the system. I guess they didn’t know Josh trained himself in Spanish working in Chicago kitchens. Sixteen years in the food industry, Josh had developed strong relationships in the Latino community, a skill he uses still today as a patriots activist and supporter of true immigration reform, promoting programs like eVerify to address the rampant fraud by illegals in the workforce.

After more than a decade and a half working hard to “make other people rich”, Josh decided it was time to be the boss himself. He began the planning to open a restaurant in Chicago, ready to use all his skills and connections earned over the last 16 years to make his entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Then Trump happened.

Josh at the Chicago Trump Rally confronting violent protestors that shut down the rally.

As Josh listened to Trump announce his candidacy, he felt his heart swell with patriotic hope. “Trump was unapologetically proud of his country, and of his patriotism. I felt like he was taking the words right out of my mouth. Is somebody really running for office and saying this? Yes! I was stunned.” Josh was sold, and with a fire in his soul, he made a big decision: He decided to set his business dreams aside and invest his time and effort in supporting Donald Trump and helping elect him.

He quit his cooking job, starting driving UBER and promoting Trump. He created the Patriots For America USA page, and began sharing the work of other patriots online. He attended rallies, often one of just a few brave Trumpers, often the ONLY Trumper, standing against 100s of lefty protestors. He waved flags with your humble author on April 4th Flag Waving day, just two brave Chicago patriots on Lake Shore Drive supporting Trump. Driving around Chicago, Josh often found protests and stopped to counter their hate alone. At a local pro illegals rally, Josh stopped to ask the Latino attendees why they were there. They responded “no habla English”, but were utterly shocked when Josh repeated the question in Spanish. Outnumbered, Josh soon found himself surrounded, and had to use all of his street smarts to keep himself safe.

He attended the RNC convention with Bikers for Trump. He spent every spare moment promoting the work of the patriot movement on Patriots for America USA.

“I take all the key moments in the Trump movement, and share it all on one place. I wanted it to be a 1-stop place for all the things the media refuses to cover. If you want to know what is going on in the patriot movement, come to Patriots for America USA.”

Always humble, Josh never considered himself an “on camera” personality, wanting first to share the great work of others. However, he put aside his concerns and started live videos to share with America what was going on here in Chicago with the hate, violence and political insanity. “Somebody had to do it, “ he explains. “I decided to expose what I was seeing driving around Chicago. Illegal rallies, communist flags. By doing live videos, I could expose what was happening right then and there.” It was indeed risky work. 

Even just saying Trump’s name on the Chicago streets can endanger you, as Josh discovered. Signing off from one of his popular live videos, a few trouble-makers overheard Josh’s “go Trump” and decided they wanted to rough him up. Our patriot Josh is fortunately a proud CC permit holder, and was able to show his firearm, which sent the thugs running off. Chalk up another win for the 2nd Amendment. Though it took over 6 months to wade thru the bureaucracy of Chicago to get his FOID card and CC permit, Josh went thru all the legal steps to carry a legal handgun, and thankfully so. More than once, Josh has had to draw it in self-defense because of his support for Trump. Having seen the violence against Trump supporters first hand, at the Chicago Trump Rally turned riot, and across the country, Josh vowed that wasn’t going to happen to him. As he says, “They are messing with the wrong white boy.”

Anybody who doubts Josh may be committing the same error. America has become Josh’s kitchen, and his patriotic voice is his chef’s knife. In this new Trump era, Josh has turned to the entrepreneurial spirit that drew him to Trump long before the campaign. While his restaurateur ambitions were sacrificed to support our president, his new dreams are built around supporting Trump, Trump patriots and the growing movement of Americanism. He has moved out of Chicago to his home state of Michigan, where he is planning several business ideas with the intent of using revenue from these businesses to support the patriot movement. “Our street patriots need support. We Trumpers don’t have big financial backing, but we should.” As always, Josh puts others before himself, and never fails to dream big, for all of us.

“We can turn Michigan red by 2020, as red as Texas”, he proclaims, and touts his support for new senatorial candidate Kid Rock. “He’s an all American badass, waves the flag, wants to make America successful. Exactly why Trump won is why Kid Rock will win.”

With support of patriots like Josh, no doubt he will. A veteran, a chef, a Chicago patriot warrior, and an advocate for all us patriots everywhere, Joshua Glaspie is an all American badass himself. He is this author’s friend, brother in arms, and constant inspiration. He is a patriot’s patriot. And he is a patriot you should know.

A photo journey and message to President Trump from Joshua Glaspie, Patriots for America USA.