Corona Virus Vindicates America First Conservatives — Globalism Has Failed

In the age of global pandemic, it has become undeniable that unregulated free trade, mass “legal” immigration and a United States reliant on foreign manufacturing for critical necessities like medicine, is a vulnerable and weak United States unable to tackle predictable situations like the Chinese Corona Virus.

A recent Fox News report revealed that China has threatened to withhold life saving medicines from the United States during the global Wuhan Virus pandemic. Today, the vast majority of critical pharmaceuticals coming into America are manufactured in China.

Imagine: A consumer base reliant upon a hostile foreign nation for critical life saving drugs. This is what the great American nation has come to. Corporate greed has sold off our most critical industry to the lowest bidder, as those same industries fill the pockets of the politicians & the talking heads who do their bidding.

We would like to see an America where “made in America” isn’t seen as just a novelty. We have become dangerously dependent on foreign nations that hate us and our lives are now in their hands.

Below, Charlie Kirk proclaims conservatives are “very pro-immigration”, while immigration brought a pandemic onto American soil, killing hundreds without showing any signs of slowing down.

If closing the borders is the solution, does that make open borders the problem? Having a nationalistic approach to immigration could have prevented the US in becoming the country with the single most cases of the Chinese corona virus.

For years now the America First Conservative movement has been speaking about these issues only to be ignored, ridiculed and slandered by libertarian neo-conservatives like Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro. Nicholas J Fuentes has consistently been on the front lines of calls to reassess our destructive immigration policies, unregulated free trade and an American manufacturing industry gutted & sold out to the lowest bidder (China).

There is a new coalition of patriotic Americans proposing a true conservatism that puts Americans First. To rebuild America we need to bring manufacturing jobs home, completely shutdown all forms of immigration and reconsider trade policies that jeopardize the American people. We are a nation, not an economy.

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