Cori Vandygriff: “George Floyd’s Family Should be Allowed to Kill Tucker Carlson”

Cori Vandygriff, has taken to the popular social media website to announce that she believes George Floyd’s family should be allowed to kill Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Cori’s bio on her twitter profile says “my kink is exposing racists”.

Link to Tweet:

Archived Link for when she deletes:

There is nothing particularly striking about Cori, as she is only mindlessly parroting popular talking points made by her constituents. Much like any average Democrat you may find on Twitter, Cori is able to do and say as she pleases without fear of retribution from Twitter censorship algorithms, considering they only target conservatives.

Cori is only one out of millions of examples of how a compliant social media, mainstream media and federal government can manipulate the minds of the masses, causing delusion, and confusion as to what might be considered appropriate political discourse in the 21st century.

Although we can not confirm whether this is the same Cori Vandygriff, but there is a Cori Vandygriff who has made The Young Turks Honor Roll with her generous support.

and considering that THE Cori Vandygriff in question has Tweeted multiple times about The Young Turk’s lead-man, Cenk, we thought it might be appropriate to consider it may be.

Cori, who has had a very colorful social media life, is active in local politics, as you can see below.