Controversial Documentary “TFW No GF” Humanizes the INCEL

A new documentary released on Amazon Prime titled TFW No GF dives into the often times misunderstood and lonely world of the modern phenomena popularly known as the INCEL (involuntary celibate).

Although the director claims “the movie’s not about incels”, the incels themselves have claimed it as their own. This is in fact a movie about incels.

INCEL is a derogatory term directed at disenfranchised young men whom for many reasons find themselves lost in modernity, unable to find romantic partners and who are desperately addicted to the internet.

Unlike any other media covering the subject, TFW No GF breaks the mold with an attempt at understanding the individuals behind the term INCEL by effectively humanizing them to an audience of “normies” who, possibly up until today, and as a result of a barrage of demeaning and slanderous journalist hit pieces, have been conditioned to hate those who may be characterized by the term.

Accompanied by captivating cinematography and a fitting soundtrack of synth-wave, the story follows a handful of 4chan / Twitter users through their day-to-day lives as they attempt to express their online personas that often times involve dark humor, esoteric genius and even alleged threats of violence.

The overall theme of the film is a depiction of the young American male, who’s life has been shaped by the internet, a dating scene dominated by apps like Tinder, and a rejection of consumption culture that seems to dominate all facets of the average American life.

Video games, pornography and internet message boards become the escape from reality that an ever increasing number of young men find themselves involved in. Unable to connect with late night television, sports or hookup culture, these individuals find solace in each-other with dark humor, misogyny and glorification of violence, all of which is often times compacted into humor.

A positive feature of the film is it seems to fairly characterize those who do fall under the category of INCEL, where most, if not all other media covering the subject seems to push said individuals further into the dark. Ultimately, these individuals are human, and their condition, whether serious or not, is a modern phenomena and byproduct of an increasingly technologically socialized world that seems to be changing faster than some can keep up.

The internet reacted just how you might have expected, with an assortment of irony filled memes that could have all themselves been featured in the film. Overall, the individuals who have been cast aside by society seem to feel as though they finilly got a fair shake.

“>tfw no gf” is an abbreviated expression for “that feeling [I get] when [I have] no girlfriend” often used in online discussions and comments to describe one’s fragile emotional state as a result of loneliness and lack of companionship. Most commonly found in greentext posts on 4chan, the phrase can be seen as an expression of self-pity or commiseration over being single,” – Know Your Meme