Conservatives Throw Support Behind Kyle Rittenhouse — Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong Goes Viral

Mainstream conservaties have thrown their support behind a 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse who was filmed defending himself from violent rioters, allegedly shooting three, resulting in two deaths. Calls to “Free Kyle” & “Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong” trend on social media as he faces the charge of homicide.

Websites selling merchandise sympathetic to the young boy have emerged making the boy out to be a martyr. One such website titled has gained the attention of mainstream conservatives.

The phrase “Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong” has been tweeted tens of thousands of times as users on the social media platform unanimously call for charges to be dropped against the boy.


Conservative voices across the web analyze video evidence, claiming the videos suggests a clear cut case for self defense. Others are going as far as calling Kyle Rittenhouse a “hero” who stood against a violent mob of rioters when no-one else would.


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