Conservative Women Are Planning to Counter The Las Vegas Women’s March In Vegas


As most of us have already been made aware of was recently caught up in a scandal where she was enabling sexual assault by threatening a victim in order to keep her quiet about the ordeal.

Sarsour was one of the main organizers of the Women’s march on Washington last year that drew mostly social justice warrior snowflakes and third wave feminists who also defend Islamic oppression of women.

Well, this year the march is going to be in Las Vegas, and Sarsour, whether she openly admits it or not, will surely be there along with the rest of the ‘usual suspects.’ This time though, they will have competition.

The group “Make California Great PAC” is organizing a counter event march called ‘Conservative Women for America,’ that will also take place in Vegas.  The event is advertised here.  Both genders are invited to the march of course.

The event page has a description section regarding the counter event, and it reads as follows;

Our Vision: To remind everyone that there is an organized community of like minded women dedicated to Inspiring, Educating, and Sharing Conservative values with each other.

With this event, we want to:
1. Counter the leftist narrative and agenda of militant feminists and to counter the perception that they represent all women.
2. Celebrate the unheralded accomplishments of President Trump during his First year in office.
3. Provide a chance for all Conservative Women to network and connect nationwide among different affiliations and endeavors.
5. Learn about Volunteer and Activism Opportunities in your area such as:

– Election Integrity Project
– Get Out The Vote (Voter Registration and Outreach)
– Legislative Campaigns (Recalls, Repeals, etc.)
– Political Office Campaigns (Nationwide, Statewide, and Local)

***If you cannot attend and would like to support our efforts for the first Inaugural Conservative Women for America Gathering, please Donate!***

Please REGISTER for this Event.

We recommend you start reserving accommodations since this is a high demand weekend not only for us but for the Pussy Hat Women March.