Conservative Media Outlet PERMANENTLY BANNED From Twitter Without Reason

Pre-Midterm Election Twitter Purge Continues 

Recently, Twitter has been banning many accounts that were influential during the 2016 election leading up to the midterms in 2018 and purging conservative accounts from social media platforms appears to be the only election-changing strategy the authoritarian left has left.

Silicon valley has made it clear what their target and have realized that the only place where conservatives share their views is on the internet as the mainstream is dominated by the left. The answer? Strip that weapon away as soon as possible away if they have any hope for the ‘blue wave’ in the midterms.

Twitter’s latest target is conservative media outlet “The Red Elephants.” This sizable outlet has been quoted by Fox News referencing stories they have broken amongst many other mainstream news outlets.  The Red Elephants have over 350,000 followers on Facebook, 65,000 on Youtube and up until this week, almost 30,000 followers on Twitter with a reach of one million people per week.

The Red Elephants were especially influential during the election on Facebook with some videos that reached records of ten and twenty millions views.  Facebook has recently changed it’s algorithms to show more posts from friends and less from news sources in the last few months.

When twitter permanently banned the account they did not provide any email or reason to The Red Elephants on why the account had been permanently suspended.  The last suspension the account received before the permanent ban was a 7 day suspension after twitter removed a tweet they posted discussing fatherless homes.

The reason that Twitter gave for removing this tweet and applying a suspension was because it was supposedly “attacking race and gender.”  As you can see below, this couldn’t be further from the truth.