Conservative Inc is Out — America First is in!

Step aside Conservative Inc, there is a new sheriff in town. Nicholas J Fuentes is the talk of the town all over D.C. as Charlie Kirk and his Conservative youth group TPUSA refuse to address his questions, Ben Shapiro hides from a debate and big money Republicans rev up their propaganda outlets aiming to slander, denounce and ultimately censer the bright young America First advocate. But what exactly are they so afraid of?

Nicholas J Fuentes is a name you might have been hearing lately. With his rapidly expanding Youtube audience and a legion of loyal fans who call themselves “Groypers”, Fuentes has lifted the thin veil on Conservative Inc, revealing an inherently socially progressive and demographically destructive nature by simply asking the questions most Conservative Americans want answered. While Charlie Kirk shuts down his speaking tour Q&As and Ben Shapiro resorts to dodging debates and name-calling, Nicholas J Fuentes has become the most prominent Conservative name of 2019 and he isn’t going anywhere.

This bright young Christian Conservative want’s to know, “Why are Conservatives promoting MORE legal immigration?”, “Why are Conservatives promoting the LGBT community?” and “Why are we spending billions of dollars on foreign aid when we have so many issues here on our own soil?” These questions are all VALID and it would appear that Conservative Inc’s refusal to answer only validates with pin point accuracy as to what is actually wrong with modern day Republicans. The Republican party and their corporate donors are going all in with their rejection of Christians social conservation and a complete breakdown of moral order is well under way.

How did we get to a place in this country where so-called Drag Queens are reading books to young children in schools and libraries? How did we get to a point in this country where we intake more than 1,000,000 LEGAL immigrants a year as American culture / moral structure rapidly deteriorates? It seems as though Conservatives have stood idle while the left makes a break for the worst. Historical monuments are torn down and replaced with atrocious modern art as republicans talk about corporate tax cuts…

It is no wonder why Nicholas J Fuentes and his America First platform is gaining so much attention. Fuentes is simply asking the questions Republicans and their corporate donors refuse to address. Americans want to know who sold them out to billionaire corporations who are the sole beneficiaries of low wage mass immigration. Americans want to know why their children are coming home from school questioning their sexual identities. Americans demand to know why we are STILL fighting wars in the Middle East while our own eastern border is home to some of the worst atrocities on earth. Americans want answers to these pressing matters and if Conservative Inc continues their refusal of providing answers, Nicholas J Fuentes will surely only gain in popularity.