Confession Of A Trump Supporter

Maurice Delk, an avid Trump supporter, decided to play an April fools joke on his followers in what he calls a ‘confession by a Trump supporter.’  In the video he goes on to explain why he’s done supporting Trump and that he’s back to being a democrat, and mentions that  his ‘people,’ belong in the democrat party.


At the end of the video, he hilariously busts out laughing, trolling liberals everywhere.  Maurice, on his Facebook page, says that on many occasions he has been called things like ‘uncle tom,’ ‘coconut’ and many other racist names, just because he supported President Trump and thinks a different way than the status quo.  He equates those occasions to slaves leaving the plantation in slavery days and how they were ridiculed and demeaned the same by black slaves.

Today nobody wants to be called an Uncle Tom, but 150 years ago, it was a compliment. In Harriet Beecher Stowe’s abolitionist 1852 novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Uncle Tom is a martyr, not a sell-out. His devotion to his fellow slaves is so unshakable that he sacrifices a chance for freedom and, ultimately, his life, to help them.



Maurice is known for calling the democratic party a ‘plantation’ of sorts as 90% of black Americans have been voting for the party for decades with nothing to show for it.  Maurice makes it a point to show black Americans that its okay to support Trump by exposing the liberal indoctrinated college goer’s hypocrisy and true racism.