Confederate Monuments Torn Down While Communist Vladimir Lenin Statue Remains Standing in Seattle

While American historical monuments are torn down across the country, a statue dedicated to the murderous communist dictator Vladimir Lenin remains standing in Seattle Washington. The statue of Vladimir Lenin, who is responsible for over 8,000,000 deaths, technically remains standing on private property (something Vladimir Lenin himself opposed).

Progressives To Dig Up Graves Of American Historical Figures — Support From Government

As previously reported: Not long after the city of Memphis in Tennessee sold off a park to Memphis Greenspace Inc for a measly $1,000, the confederate monument of General Nathan Bedford Forrest was taken down. Now, after what some claim to be a disturbing collaboration between the city of Memphis and radically progressive political left-wing groups, the graves of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife Mary Ann, will be dug up and removed from the park. 

The city of Memphis, TN sold off the park holding the monument to Nathan Bedford Forrest to a private organization who then immediately began the process of removing the historical monument. Similarly, and ironically, the statue of Vladimir Lenin only remains standing today due it being protected by private property rights.