Why Complete ‘Tolerance’ Is Intollerable

The Culture War

Right now there is a culture war where everyone wants their belief system to be respected and honored. But what about my culture where when someone hurts my feelings I just get over it and move on?

In the hurry to acknowledge every single cultural difference out there, how about a little respect for the autism spectrum individuals who do not adjust very well to change and need a simple structured environment? Does tolerance mean not only accepting, but aggressively promoting the destigmatization of everything?

Let’s say, for example, that I am creepy. In relationships, I like to text fifteen times per day and make numerous unreturned calls, stare from across the room, and just genuinely continue to love the other person even when it is clear those feelings are not in any way returned. In fact, numerous relationships I have started have gone fantastic until the moment the other person involved discovers that, in fact, I am creepy, and due to unfair social stigma they ostracize me, and this drives me to feel bad about myself?

Tolerance Is Intolerable

Who decided being creepy is bad, anyway? There are, in fact, laws against being creepy, you can lose your job over it, and even go to prison! We should celebrate being creep, there should be a Creepy Acceptance Month, where we can go out with our binoculars and poorly fitting clothing and be creepy in the open. It may make other people uncomfortable, but if they are so creepophobic they should just stay home! In fact, such bigots should probably be forced to provide service to us, letting us hire any private detective we want and if the police are called, the law enforcement community should receive special training on sensitivity to creepy people.

The whole problem with being creepy stems from the fact that other people, squares and far right wing Christian white male gun owners in particular, despise us for our definition of love and our expression of it. If I bring my girlfriend to an office party, and stare at her from across the room without blinking for several hours, it makes other people uncomfortable, and worst of all, I am asked to KEEP MY IDEA OF LOVE OUT OF THE WORK PLACE. In fact, non-creepy people are allowed to pursue any relationship in the workplace they want, but if I point out that I’m a creepy, or try to find a person in the office who is into creepy, I could lose my job!

And why? Stigma, a socially contrived notion of safety and personal space, which is outdated patriarchical and tied to laws set up by the Bible. Why am I asked to conform to the norms of centuries past when the current year is 2017!

It seems the only people allowed to be a Creep are famous musicians, as Radiohead is proudly allowed to announce their preference for it in an entire song about being a Creep and be celebrated whereas I am ostracized.