Communist Chinese TikTok Continues Brainwashing Campaign Across the West Unimpeded

Popular Chinese social media application TikTok continues to rise in popularity, as viral trends such as the one shown below continue to take off effortlessly. The teens can be heard repeating a popular anti-police chant, “All cops are bastards”, to their millions of fans across the platform. We will try and refrain from comment on the visibly debilitating mental state of the individuals uploading these videos.

The Chinese application is widely known for it’s data-collection practices, prompting US military personal and TSA agents to re-consider downloading the app, but teens across the US continue to use the platform as their preferred social media outlet.

in a previous report on the dangers of TikTok we covered the harmful data collection practices outlined by the US government, but little is known about the application’s intent with regard to an impressionable teenaged population within the US.

We will cover this issue in-depth soon, as the popular application continues to push these destructive, anti-police trends across the US, fomenting unrest among Americas most vulnerable demographics.