CNN Trolled Into Believing 4Chan Troll Sam Hyde Was Texas Shooter

Sam Hyde Did Nothing Wrong

If you need any more proof that CNN is fake news, this might be the most hilarious piece of evidence yet.  CNN and Vicente Gonzalez, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas’s 15th district, were trolled into believing that Sam Hyde was the shooter in Texas.

Sam Hyde, an internet and IRL (in real life) troll mostly known for trolling possibly hundreds of mainstream and local media outlets into believing that he was the shooter in several shootings that have taken place throughout the country.

Hyde was also made instantly famous when he trolled TED Talks into believing that he was a renowned worl traveller. Hyde even booked himself a spot to speak at a major TED Talk event, where he spoke about fake topics and inventions like ‘seafloor farming.”

Here are some of the times that this 4chan troll tricked the media into believing that he was the gunman in several attacks around the world.  Hyde even changed his name slightly to fit into more ethnic backgrounds.