Soros Funded Clinics Set Up Across America To Legalize Immigrants In Time For 2020 Elections

Clinics Helping Pay For Immigrants To Gain Citizenship Appear Across America

I could see why Univision would cover this and the American mainstream media would avoid this.  Clearly there is a foreign power interfering in our elections, but it’s not the Russians.

Univision recently covered one of many clinics now being set up across America that is helping hundreds of thousands of immigrants who already have green cards get citizenship iso that they can legally vote in time to vote in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

The Univision reporter even admits that this is exactly what the clinics are for.  The ‘clinics’ are being assembled, funded and manned by the “New Americans Campaign.” But who is funding the Campaign that is funding the clinics?

When I started to research who is behind the money of this massive operation, I came across some very interesting information.  All it took was a visit to the New Americans website, and then one click on funders and there it was, the Open Societies foundation stuck out like a sore thumb.

We all know that the Open Societies foundation is run by George Soros, I mean c’mon his picture is on the front page of their website, but some people forget or simply avoid to mention that Soros is a foreigner and he’s interfering in our elections.