JUDGEMENT DAY: The Battle For Berkeley

Free Speech Event Crashed By Anti-Free Speech Communists

Fellow patriots, I am in no way exaggerating to say that there is a war going on in America, a war between militant socialist terrorists and you, the average freedom loving American. In much of America, it’s a quiet war, waged in schools and universities by leftist teachers inculcating our youth, or by delusional “liberal” celebrities advocating leftist ideology. On the streets of Berkeley, CA, it is full blown civil war, and the battle this Saturday between Free Speechers and Antifa neo-fascists will go down in the annals of history.

The so-called ‘news’ organizations want you to believe that this was a “brawl” between “violent” Trump supporters who came after Antifa “protestors”. What in fact happened was a victory for free speech, which was defended by everyday patriots and Americans because law enforcement did not or could not do their job.

The ANTIFA Attempt To Disrupt

Trump supporters hosted a Free Speech rally appropriately at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park last Saturday, April 15th, like many other pro-Trump rallies across the country. Berkeley’s rally was special, however, because other recent rallies in Berkeley, such as the March 4th rally and the Milo event, were attacked by militant Antifa with both events being shut down before the scheduled speakers were allowed to speak. On Saturday, patriots drove for hours from miles around, from LA, Sacramento, cities all across California, and they came prepared to battle for their right of free speech, physically if necessary. It was well known that the Berkeley police were unwilling or unable to defend the citizen’s rights, but that did not deter our California patriots from coming to speak and rally.


The main body of MLK park was designated for the Trump supporter’s rally, dubbed the “Free Speech Zone”. A second area to the west of MLK park was designated for protesters, namely Antifa and B.A.M.N. In the beginning of the event, police were conducting security and confiscating any poles or mace/pepper spray. In a post on the Berkeley City website a few days before, local ordinance was temporarily changed to prohibit several items specifically at this event including selfie sticks and any legal self-defense tools. So law abiding Trump supporters willingly submitted to law enforcement requests to utterly disarm themselves, while the Antifa were much more resistant and, as you will see, circumvented the police security perimeter.

In the early stages of the event, some Antifa had infiltrated the Free Speech Zone, but remained, for the moment, peaceful. Additionally, faux “journalists” working with Antifa procured press credentials and used them to gather information on Trump supporters and for other strategic purposes of the Antifa organization. Law-abiding Trump supporters advocating free speech respected the Antifa in the Free Speech Zone, but once the outside Antifa had surrounded the three sides, these infiltrators became violent. Police were making some arrests, but when Antifa were arrested, the journalist operatives, posing as journalists, would get name, contact info and a picture of the Antifas arrested in order to coordinate their release with the Antifa organizers.

Berkeley police used orange plastic fencing to rope off the “Free Speech Zone” on both the north and south sides of the park. The adjacent roads of Allston Way and Center St, however, were not protected, and Antifa who were not put through security gathered along the sides of the Free Speech Zone. They were armed with all of the items police had prohibited and more, including M-80 explosives. These armed Antifa, and the other “secured” Antifa to the west, surrounded the Free Speech Zone on three sides. Police, having lost control, began to “fade back”, as Trump supporter Susan Walsh described, until they mainly held to an area to the east of the park on Milvia St. This was an odd tactic for officers, as the actual local police headquarters sits on the northwest corner of the park. The disappearance of police protection left the hundreds of patriots gathered in the Free Speech Zone to defend themselves against the violent assaults coming from Antifa.

Antifa on both the north and south unprotected sides began throwing rocks, bottles, soda cans and other projectiles into the Free Speech Zone, as well as smoke bombs and pepper spray which they used on Trump supporters. The plastic fence was no hindrance to their attacks on our patriots who met the attacks of Antifa’s sticks and bombs with bare hands, as Berkeley law enforcement had disarmed them. The epic stories of melee fill dozens of video posts, as noble CITIZEN patriots held the perimeter of the Free Speech Zone themselves so that ALL of the scheduled speakers were able to speak, as well as many other Trump supporters who were inspired to share their testimonials and statements of support for our Constitutional liberties.

While our fellow patriots exercised their God given right of liberty in the center of the Free Speech Zone, waves of patriots took turns battling off the attacking Antifa to keep them away from the speakers. There were countless injuries. Trump supporters with medical experience or expertise set up a triage for the wounded or pepper spray victims inside the Free Speech Zone. The city of Berkeley had a medical center set up, but it was located inside hostile Antifa territory.

Patriots on the south side held the line bravely throughout the rally. The patriots on the north side of the park had even greater success, as they succeeded in dividing the Antifa forces on Center Street, and pushing the Antifa to the east several blocks to Oxford St. This divided their forces, and sent them into a full retreat on the north side of the battle. As they retreated however, as terrorist cowards do, Antifa lobbed IEDs made of glass containers and M-80 explosives into the advancing patriot crowd.

Several people experienced cuts, bruises, broken noses, split lips, and several other blunt force injuries. People were pepper sprayed and tear gassed. A Trump supporter was stabbed. It is still unclear at this time how many people required medical attention, but the amount of injuries was extensive, and most were sustained by Trump supporters who were not able to defend themselves due to police “securing” the Free Speech Zone of “weapons”. The injuries sustained by Antifa mostly stemmed from bare-handed patriots using the only force they had available to defend themselves and fellow patriots rights to speak and to listen. But the list of injuries cannot begin to describe the war zone atmosphere created by the violent neo-fascist Antifa. The explosions, melees, smoke and gas of this real battle could have been mistaken for a movie set, but for the real blood dripping from wounded citizens.

While the police force as a whole was quite clearly overwhelmed and seemed to stand down in the face of violence, the sentiment of the officers was mixed. Several officers voiced their support of the Trump rally-goers, and many took the extra step to thank Kyle Chapman, famed “Based Stickman”, for his defense of free speech. Kyle was unfortunately arrested, as were other Trump supporters defending the rally. While there is support from some members of the Berkeley PD, and many were only following orders, it is clear that the leadership of the department is, at best, inept at crowd control strategies. Organizers for the Trump rally had been in touch with local law enforcement for days prior in order to help plan the best way to protect the free speech of BOTH the Trump supporters AND the Antifa. That the resulting police strategy failed so epically speaks volumes about the true motivations of the police chief and his boss, the mayor, and their motivation is clearly not to protect, or to serve the people of Berkeley.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.44.48 PM

Despite all the violence, the brave patriots of the Free Speech Zone amazingly do not report a sense of fear, or anger at the rally. When asked what they felt while the civil war raged around them, they repeatedly stated, “pride”.

“We all felt very pleased, actually, because we were able to have all of our scheduled speakers heard, and many others too, who were able to get on the mic and express themselves,” said Susan Walsh, a proud ex-democrat and Trump advocate.

Marco Guitterez, founder of Latinos for Trump, shared this message about the rally to patriots across the nation, “I am grateful, humble and honored to have participated in the Berkeley #FreedomRally, where the sound of democracy manifested itself in the midst of an unfair, unjust and unconstitutional attack on our first amendment right.”

The Battle Was Won.  Commies Pushed Out Of Berkeley

Because of the bravery and sacrifice of our fellow Trumpers, and patriot groups like the Oath Keepers, freedom of speech survived on the streets of Berkeley this April 15th, despite a direct military style attack upon it. Antifa is but the latest manifestation of a global socialist revolt that seeks to overthrow the liberty of capitalism and replace it with the slavery of socialism. We, as Americans, must wake up to this threat against us because it is amongst us. We must DEMAND the RULE OF LAW be enforced, and we must “out” any leaders or police personnel who do not do their jobs to protect the people’s Constitutional and God given liberties. I will continue to inform, and I hope to inspire you all to take up this fight.

I certainly know there are some patriots and heroes in California I am proud to stand with.

This video courtesy of patriot Keith Avila does a great job of describing how the battle unfolded. Thank you to Keith for his fine work.

Here are highlights of the entire event from The Red Elephants footage.  This shows countless M-80’s being thrown, rocks, bottles and the aggression by the ANTIFA.  The Trump supporters finally had enough and charged at ANTIFA, chasing them out of town.