Did the CIA Write the Letter from a Girls Basketball team to Dianne Feinsteinn?

Anyone who has seen “The Ghostwriter” with Pierce Brosnan knows how devious the boys down at Langley can be.

So when I looked through the lists of letters and documents on the Kavanaugh Hearing:


Something stood out:

Now, let’s talk a bit about Etchberger and the other heroes at the CIA. Long thought to be responsible for everything from the “Coca Cola started World War II to Get Fanta’s Secret Recipe” to “Dawn has Mind Control Chemicals in It and they Use Oil Spills to Dump it Into Drinking Water”, they have loaded secret code into a letter from “The Blessed Sacrament Parents to Grassley, Feinstein.” Blessed Sacrament being an obvious reference to the Illuminati. Now, stay with me now, the last person to get close to the truth was Alex Jones, and that’s why he got taken down. Information is the only weapon.

The mention of 331, signifying how all three branches of the government are subject to 1 world order, and Hart Street, a subtle threat at the kind of political takedown Gary Hart suffered, is quickly followed up by the use of numbers 4, 5, 6, signifying the Presidents 4-6, James Madison, James Monroe and John Quincy Adams, hinting at the Madison defended Zinger trial, a threat that the truth may come out, and James Monroe and John Quincy Adams who died on the 4th of July, a warning that if the coded message is not followed, well, the CIA has ways.

Next is the CYO, a 3 letter acronym hinting that either the FBI or the NSA backs the letter too. Next is the line “no on is more” which can easily be unscrambled to spell, “Someone Iron” aka the Man of Steel, Stalin, and therefore, duh, Russian involvement. Clearly Kavanaugh has been compromisedby the Russians.

He is, after all, a student of the game.

Okay Here’s Republican Jeff Cornyn Grilling Sonya Sotomayor:


Or look at the 3 minute mark of Roberts being grilled on Roe V Wade by Arlon Specter

The tone is completely diffeent in this hearing, just jump and listen to any part of it.


The level of hot garbage got so bad even liberal favorite Ruth Bader Ginsberg contrasts how raucous and grandstanding the current hearings have gotten, last link:


The whole thing stinks to high heaven and the ghost of Anita Hill has risen from the rotten grave to devour justice.