CIA Funded Psychological Warfare Operation Was First to Report on the Corona Virus back in December 2019 — Months Before Western Media Outlets Had Begun Reporting on the Developing Pandemic

Months before any western news outlets had even heard of the developing COVID-19 pandemic, a CIA funded psychological warfare operation (RFA China) was first to report that 27 individuals had developed an “unexplained pneumonia” in Wuhan China. 

TRANSLATION: ” [Whether SARS is coming back, news is chaotic] 27 cases of “unexplained pneumonia” have been found in Wuhan, and there has been continuous news that the pathogen is the SARS coronavirus. The Southern Metropolis Daily called the Health Commission and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the response was that it was “unconfirmed” as SARS, that is, it has not been confirmed yet, rather than denying it, it is to wait for the results of the National Health Commission’s laboratory to conclude. The People’s Daily said that even if it is SARS, there is no need to panic if you have past experience.”

The video shows what appears to be city officials power-washing city streets and walls after a mysterious illness had infected 27 individuals in the city of Wuhan. The RFA headline propagandized the illness saying “there has been continuous news that the pathogen is the SARS coronavirus.”

If RFA China knew of the severity of the “mysterious illness”, then why did it take many months for other western media outlets to begin reporting on the impending “pandemic”?

RFA began as a United States government funded program designed to combat communism in china. It’s establishment in the 1950s was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with the stated intent to “provide accurate and timely news and information to Asian countries whose governments prohibit access to a free press.”

Although the stated intent was to provide information to the people in Asian countries who may not have otherwise been allowed to access information prohibited by their own governments, when looking into the declassified government documents regarding RFA, we find that the information warfare program was specifically designed with the intent of propagandizing Chinese speaking populations to effectively weaponize them against their own government. 

The second document explicitly states that “overseas Chinese constitute a significant target for psychological warfare.”

In another declassified document, is is claimed that the psychological warfare operation is “already paying off, particularly in Hong Kong and Burma.” RFA is then directly credited for the establishment of a “central authoritative Buddhist organization for the purpose of spreading anti-communist teachings throughout Burma”.

So why was a CIA funded psychological warfare operation, directed towards foreign Chinese nationals, the first to report on the spreading corona virus, when at the time, the virus had only affected around 27 individuals?

It is clear now that the “pandemic” is not as deadly as it was first reported to be, and most of the preventative measures, lockdowns, mandatory social distancing, and other responses to the so-called “pandemic” have irreversibly  damaged western economies. Why is it that the western controlled press, through RFA China, knew of an impending pandemic, when western media outlets refused to report the information until many months later?