Christian Activist Severely Beaten by Antifa & Black Lives Matter During Portland Riot

A Christian activist named Tayler Hansen was severely beaten by a rioting mob of Antifa & Black Lives Matter in Downtown Portland after someone who identified themselves as a member of the press outed him as being a conservative.

Hansen, who has made a name for himself painting “Baby Lives Matter” outside of heavily trafficked abortion facilities and Planned Parenthood, was targeted due to his Christian belief.

See our previous reporting on Hansen’s activism. 

Soon after an Antifa activist outed Tayler Hansen online as hating “infiltrated” Antifa, he was assaulted by a large group of masked Antifa & members of Black Lives Matter.

Tayler said “I got ambushed by four people dressed in Black Block” after he was identified by a mugshot he claimed the group had been passing around while encouraging violence towards him.