Chinese Propaganda Helped Spread Covid-19 In Italy — Exacerbated Outbreak

China Global Television Network (CGTN) produced a video for Italian and American consumption on February 2, where they encouraged Italian citizens to reject “bigotry” and hug individuals who appeared to have the novel Coronavirus.

CGTN is registered under China’s state council and therefore directly affiliated with the Communist Party of China. The stated goal of CGTN is to “tell China’s story well”.

This finding goes against the widely popularized claim that China had warned the West of the impending pandemic. On the contrary, China deliberately fooled many Western countries into downplaying the severity of the outbreak by claiming it was “bigotry” to practice social distancing, particularly from individuals from the worst affected areas within China.

A screen shot from the CGTN state run propaganda outlet outlines their operations.

Furthermore, the Wikipedia page for CGTN clearly shows that they are a state run propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist regime whose operations are directed at non-Chinese speaking populations.

The Chinese government continues to propagate these claims of “racism” rather than warning the west of the severity of the Corona Virus.

Again, many Chinese state run propaganda outlets had encouraged Westerners to let down their guard and literally open their arms to infected Chinese nationals.


This narrative undoubtedly helped the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus within Western nations, particularly Italy, who have since surpassed China in official death toll.

On CGTNs official YouTube page, there are many other videos encouraging Europeans to let their guard down regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, insinuating to do otherwise is “bigoted”.

Here you find the campaign slogan: “I’m A Human – I’m Not A Virus” & “Victory Over Virus”.

The Communist Chinese state run media outlet continues to promote outlandish claims that the Italian government “thanks China” for their cooperation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The media outlet even posted a video purporting to show Italian citizens playing the Chinese national anthem through the streets during quarantine.