Chinese Caught Hoarding US Medical Supplies — Shipping Them to China

Numerous videos have emerged of Chinese citizens buying up, hoarding and the shipping US medical supplies back to China. While American medical workers resort to relying on makeshift protective medical gear.

The roughly translated text: Although exiled overseas and my husband imprisoned, I am still very concerned about the domestic epidemic. Knowing that Hubei is in short supply of medical supplies, I quickly purchased a batch in the United States at the end of January, including 620,000 pairs of medical gloves, 80,000 medical masks, 2,000 sets of protective clothing, and 1,500 thermometers. The total value is 1 million yuan. Most of them have already been issued and the rest are still waiting for delivery after the suspension in February. I know it’s very embarrassing to do this, the country has abandoned me, and I can’t bear my country.

Another woman filmed herself buying medical supplies claiming: “it feels so awesome to buy all the masks! I didn’t leave a single mask for the Americans”

There have been numerous videos showing Chinese nationals hoarding medical supplies well before the pandemic reached America. The individuals then reportedly sent all of the supplies back to mainland China, leaving America with a shortage of the much needed commodity.
Other videos show Chinese individuals hoarding baby formula, buying all of the product out of entire supermarkets as early as December.

The Chinese knew the extent of the pandemic even before it arrived to western shores. They hoarded critical supplies and sent the back to China.