China Court Classifies Homosexuality a “Psychological Disorder” as US Congress Hopeful Blames U.S. COVID Deaths on Homosexuality

While the U.S. continues to downward spiral towards liberal tyranny, China continues on course towards becoming the worlds leading super power. 


“HONG KONG (Reuters) – A court in China’s eastern Jiangsu province recently ruled in favour of a publisher that described homosexuality as a “psychological disorder” in a university textbook.

According to a copy of the Feb. 9 appeal ruling seen by Reuters, Suyu District Intermediate Court in the city of Suqian said the description resulted from “perceptual differences” and was not a factual error, upholding a judgment made in September last year.” –RT

Heerak Christian Kim, a man running for congress in Virginia, claims “God is punishing America’s Christians by killing 4,000 US citizens every day from COVID-19 while ZERO deaths in China where homosexuality is illegal” 

Heerak continues in making the claim that the U.S. is being punished with COVID-19 due to it’s extreme liberal tendencies, social inclinations that, for better or for worse, have brought about the wrath of God on the United States off America. 

According to Heerak, COVID-19 isn’t the only wrath brought about on the United States due to it’s extreme stance on homosexuality. The California wildfires that burned more than 3 million acres were also due to the U.S. stance on the sexual proclivities of homosexuals. 

Hurricane Laura was brought on by homosexuality being legalized in the U.S.

Unemployment claims at an historical high? You know exactly why:

Brush fires in Australia? You called it

If you live in Virginia, you have to vote for this man, if for no other reason than to see him blame every single problem that arises on homosexuality, a claim he continues to make that has yet to be debunked.