The President Hanging From A Noose Displayed At El Pueblo Museum

Museum goer, Brian Mater, first noticed the detestable sight as he entered the museum.  He decided to do the correct thing and take a photo of the bloody Trump piñata hanging from a noose inside the public museum on display for many children to see.

As you notice in the picture you can see a sign that says “children’s activities,” right next to the hanging Trump piñata.  In the picture, you can also observe what looks to be a hippie version of Si Robertson, next to a man smiling as Mater took the photograph.



Mater posted the photo all across social media platforms and it quickly went viral.  He posted the photo pleading for the public museum to take it down.  He wrote the following:

“While I understand the people may be upset about the election, this isn’t the best way to handle it. As you can see in the picture, kids use this place.”

This is just another piece of evidence by the left, that in general the liberal population are very spiteful, intolerant and hateful.  There is an almost non existent line between the radical left and the general democratic leaning people in society.  And I think this is the very essence on why Donald Trump was elected. People are sick and tired of the poisoning of our children’s minds by liberal influence.  From vulgar language, sexually explicit displays and trash left all over at the women’s march – to the destruction of whole centers of cities by the protesters, average everyday hardworking people are not attracted to the behavior of the left.  pueblo


We have word from the museum that this was done by an outside party that rented the space. They allegedly told the museum the rented area was for a “multicultural” event. The museum claims that they didn’t know that they would display the Trump mannequin hanging from a noose.