Chicago Mayor: “Chicago Will Remain Sanctuary City.” Murder Capital Madness

In an apparent shot at new president elect, Donald Trump, Rahm Emmanuel appeared before camera spontaneously to declare Chicago will remain a safe haven for illegal immigrants.

Back on July 7, 2012, the Democrat mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, announced a “Welcome to Chicago Ordinance” establishing the Windy City as a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. Well, on Monday Mayor Rahm Emanuel reaffirmed Chicago’s commitment as a so-called “sanctuary city.” Chicago joins 60 other cities that choose not to enforce the federal rule of law on deportation of illegal aliens.

Since Chicago is a sanctuary city, law enforcement officers, including the “feds”, cannot question criminals about their citizenship. By failing to detain illegal alien gang members for deportation, these federal agents find themselves complicit in violating U.S. immigration law — at the behest of the Obama administration.

What followed this, inevitably, was a crime wave.  Chicago is now back at the top of the ranks as shooting and murder capital of the US.  Coincidence?  I let you decide that, but its hard not to ask that question.

In a 60 minutes interview after the election, Donald Trump vowed to deport 3 million criminal illegal immigrants in his first 100 days as president.  This comes as a relief to proponents of Kate’s Law and millions of other Americans who have had children murdered or assaulted by previously deported illegal immigrants. More hilariously, it would bring tears to the people over at the Huffington Post, who called “Kate’s Law” a “License to Hate.”  Kate’s law was shot down by senate democrats recently.