Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA Co-Opt Nicholas J Fuentes Branding — “America First” Flyers Passed Out at Event

In what appears to be a backhand slight, Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA has begun using the slogans of prominent right wing voice Nicholas J Fuentes at recent rallying events. Flyers reading “America First” were passed out to attendees of recent speaking events hosted by Kirk’s organization, TPUSA.

“America First” is the name and battle cry of popular political voice Nicholas J Fuentes, who has criticized Charlie Kirk in the past for his “America Last” stance on issues such as immigration and foreign lobbying. While TPUSA proudly brandish Fuentes’ slogans at their events, Fuentes himself is barred from entering those very same events.

Furthermore, Kirk himself appears to have attempted to censor Fuentes with DMCA take-downs over Twitter. The tweet in question exposed Charlie Kirk for promoting unlimited immigration into the United States.

Charlie Kirk has stood as the prime example of an “America Last” conservative, who just months ago claimed the US could take in “50 million” new immigrants in under 10 years.

Make no mistake, this new-world vision of the American immigration system is even more radical than anything Democrats have ever promoted. Conservatives who promote legal immigration value GDP over social cohesion, workers wages, and resign any future for the GOP to win elections, as immigrants favor voting Democrat across the board.

Charlie Kirk’s recent book “MAGA Doctrine” makes the case for ‘unlimited immigration’. This book has been promoted by the President of the United States, Donald J Trump, a number of times.

“Unlimited immigration” is about as “America Last” as you can get. If a democrat made the claim that the US could take in an unlimited number of immigrants, establishment republicans would claim they were attempting to destroy the country.