Charlie Kirk Supports “Unlimited” Immigration

Late Sunday afternoon Charlie Kirk held a book signing event in Yorba Linda, CA. Charlie Kirk’s new book The MAGA Doctrine makes the case for unlimited immigration into the United States, something he has previously railed against Democrats for promoting.

Within Charlie Kirk’s new best seller, The Mega Doctrine, Kirk makes the case for unlimited immigration into the United States by saying: the United States can afford to let in everyone – everyone who abides by the rules of the marketplace and pays their own way.

This is a book that even President Donald J Trump himself has endorsed.

Charlie Kirk has had a mixed message on immigration for quite some time and he’s openly advocated for “unlimited” amounts of immigrants to come into America to compete with the American workers over jobs, diminishing wages in the process.

America is more than an economy, or as Kirk would call it, a “marketplace”. America is a Christian nation of people who share a historical and cultural heritage. America is a land conquered and built by Christian Europeans who did not traverse the seas, who had not shed their blood to then allow their offspring to be replaced by a foreign work force. America was never a “marketplace”, America was never an “idea”. America is our homeland and we have a right to preserve our home and land in any way we please.

Please follow this link and see if Charlie Kirk is holding any events in YOUR town. We need to push back against the “unlimited” LEGAL immigration policy of Conservative Inc. Ask well articulated questions on how “unlimited” legal immigration is the “MAGA doctrine”

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