Charlie Kirk Promotes Mass Immigration to Japan

Charlie Kirk believes Japan needs “more entrepreneurial immigrants” as he is heard railing against Japanese immigration policy that in 2016 allowed only 26 refugees to settle into their country. Kirk claims Japan is “not too generous” with their immigration policies. Kirk claims: “Just 2% of of Japans population is foreign born, this is actually an example of a really bad immigration policy.”

Charlie Kirk, is an open borders advocate and he is being embraced by this countries President Donald J Trump who won the 2016 election by advocation for a total shut down on immigration.

Although Japan had only admitted 27 muslim ‘refugees’, Two already had been arrested for gang rape. The two individuals, 22 and a 16 year old, took the woman into a public restroom where they raped her and stole 9,000 yen in cash.

These sorts of scenes play out in far greater a magnitude wherever these ‘refugees’ are resettled. Japan refuses to accept ‘refugees’ for good reason. Charlie Kirk refuses to look at the real dangers of importing foreign populations into an otherwise peaceful, homogenous nation.

If any of this surprises you, you certainly haven’t been paying attention. Read our most recent piece on Kirk where we review his support for “unlimited” immigration into the United States.

Charlie Kirk Supports “Unlimited” Immigration