Charlie Kirk Makes 180 on Immigration After Nicholas Fuentes America First Questions

Charlie Kirk, the neo-conservative founder of TPUSA made a complete 180 on his previous stance on immigration in saying “Foreign nationals should not be getting the jobs that our college kids went into debt to go get”. These statement comes shortly after Nicholas Fuentes and the AmericaFirst questioners grilled Charlie Kirk on his support for “stapling visas to green cards” and advocating for “unlimited” immigration.

Charlie Kirk as recently as 2 months ago used the Democrats talking point of “stapling green cards behind your diploma”

This comment comes shortly after Nicholas Fuentes supporters challenged Charlie Kirk over his stance on immigration after he had claimed he supported stapling visas to college diplomas and that he wanted an “unlimited” number of “genius visas”

Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro and Dan Crenshaw represent a corporate establishment dedicated to the importation of cheap labor at the cost of the American worker. Continue reading below to familiarize yourselves with these phony neo-conservatives

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