Charlie Kirk BOOED off Campus – Chants of America First!

Charlie Kirk was booed off of campus amid chants of “America First” after hosting another failed Q&A full of slandering American Conservatives like Nicholas J Fuentes and his thousands of loyal patriotic fans.

A defeated Charlie Kirk was seen avoiding eye contact with his head down as he scurried away from a booing crowd of American patriots who are tired of being falsely labeled “extreme” for holding true to their Christian Conservative values.

Life imitates art:

All of this comes just moments after Charlie Kirk and his goons brought out an old television to play a clip of Nicholas J Fuentes in a sad attempt at turning the crowd to their favor. Luckily for America, no one is buying the lazy leftist tactics of bringing up a clip of a 17 year old Nick Fuentes especially since Kirk tweeted virulently against Trump as late as 2017.

Charlie Kirk and his TPUSA Campus Conservative organization have lost the youth to Nicholas J Fuentes and his America First platform. The REAL American right is against Foreign Aid to first world nations in the Middle East, against the proliferation of the LGBT agenda within Conservative politics and against mass LEGAL immigration.

The America First champion Nicholas J Fuentes and his legion of Groypers will continue the #CultureWar from campus to campus until they have achieved total victory.